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Court Reporting Services

Behmke provides a wide range of court reporting services to the San Francisco Bay Area community, statewide, nationwide and globally. Our knowledge of the industry provides you with top-rate court reporting services anywhere in the world!

Video Court Reporting

Behmke offers an array of Video Court Reporting services including: video conferencing, broadcast-quality video depositions utilizing the latest in digital cameras, video streaming, and video digitization. All of our videos are synchronized with transcript production.

Real Time Court Reporting

Our depositions are written in real time by Behmke court reporters. If counsel chooses to use real time software, they have access to the transcript online at the deposition site instantly. The transcript may also be sent simultaneously via the internet to off-site locations. When depositions are videotaped, the real time court reporter allows synchronized time code connections between the transcript and video. Time-code synchronization makes it easy to search the electronic transcript and video.

LiveNote is one of many software programs that we employ to enable attorneys to receive a real time feed from our court reporters. In order to ensure that you get the most benefit out of this software, Behmke Reporting and Video Services also provides the following resources:

Internet Real Time Court Reporting

Behmke has been a pioneer of internet real time court reporting in the
San Francisco Bay Area. This process provides real time court reporting
instantaneously online whether you are at the deposition site or at a
remote location.


Real Time Tutorials Series Training Videos
Technical Requirements
Review what is needed to
connect to a reporter.
Reporter Settings
Basic settings for sending a real-time stream to an attorney.
Using LiveNote™
Connecting to a real-time
stream using Livenote™.
Using Summation™
Connecting to a real-time
stream using Summation™.
Using Transcript Manager Pro™
Review what is needed to connect to a reporter.


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