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Legal Document Services

Legal document management is at the core of what we do. All of the legal documents we house for our clients are meticulously cataloged and stored for easy access. If you would like more information about our legal document management services, click here.

Document Management

Making sure our clients have all the legal documents that they need, where
they need them, when they need them is something that we obsess over.
Behmke has a transcript repository as well as a digitized image repository
to provide you with seamless legal document management solutions.

Document Imaging and Scanning

We provide document scanning services, which produce electronically formatted versions of your legal documents in image or text format, allowing for computer search and retrieval.

Transcript Repositories

Our transcript repositories are password protected to ensure the security of your deposition transcripts, court transcripts and trial transcripts. Access to these files is available online 24/7/365. Please contact Behmke for your personalized user name and password to access these secure legal documents.


"For well over ten years, I have used Behmke Reporting in my litigation practice. Behmke Reporting has never failed to deliver a high-quality product – on time, on the mark, and at very competitive rates. When the job needs to be done, Behmke Reporting is one thing I never have to worry about."

Raymond N. Stella Erlach, Esquire
Law Offices of Raymond N.S. Erlach
San Francisco, CA


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