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Litigation Support

When engaged in civil litigation, it is critical for every attorney to have reliable litigation support. Behmke provides the resources you need for every aspect of your case.

Litigation support encompasses a wide range of services and products that help attorneys or other professional staff members acquire, organize, analyze, and present evidence for general litigation and complex litigation. Through the use of professional litigation support services and advanced tools for litigation support, the litigating attorney can efficiently and effectively use evidence and other information to win lawsuits.

Professional litigation support products and services enable the litigator to control and manage significantly larger volumes of complex case materials much more quickly, and to much greater effect, than would otherwise be possible.

From depositions to trial presentation, Behmke has the litigation support technology and services that span the entire litigation cycle including: process service, court reporting, legal video, document reproduction, electronic document respository and courtroom presentation. With Behmke paying attention to the small stuff, you can focus on the big picture.


"Behmke Reporting has provided first-class court reporting services to me and others in my firm for over twenty years. They have never failed to provide timely service and friendly, accurate court reporters both in and outside the Bay Area."

Richard L. Seabolt, Partner
Duane Morris LLP
San Francisco, CA


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