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Flawless execution.
Down-to-earth professionalism.

What to look for in a court reporter

When looking for the right firm for your professional court reporting services there are a few traits for which you should look. We like to think of them as the Behmke Way.

Perfection - Perform every task flawlessly. Our goal is to make your life as worry-free as possible. Our mission? To make your job easier.

Professionalism - Promptness, accuracy and courtesy are traits that can always be counted on when you work with us.

Reliability - No surprises. A consistent level of performance. First time. Every time.

Accuracy - No mistakes. No matter how large or small the job.

Knowledge - Our job is to know your business and have the means to help you get that job done well. A wide range of specialized resources available include: Legal Media Services, Legal Document Services, Transcription Services, Litigation Support. We also supply interpreters, should you need them.

Experience - Seasoned professionals with a firm understanding of your business and your needs, without having to be asked.

Real Time - Transcription when you need it. Behmke is one of the nation’s leading real time court reporting companies with a dedicated staff of reporters.


"Behmke Reporting has provided outstanding reporting services to our firm for over twenty years. Paula and her staff are always courteous, proactive and responsive. I would give Behmke an unqualified recommendation to any firm in need of cutting edge reporting services for any matter, large or small."

David B. Tillotson, Shareholder
Janin, Morgan & Brenner
Oakland, CA
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